Two Way Radios


Benefit:  Increased Range
A repeater (communal repeater, "comrep") increases the range for a portable radio from 3 - 5 kms to 40 kms and for a mobile radio from 8 - 15 kms to 80 kms, depending on the terrain.   

We do planning, installation, maintenance and security of Mid Band, High Band, VHF and UHF Links.  Besides sites being powered by electricity, as alternatives, at sites where no electricity is available,  solar power and wind generators can be used. 

More than 360 repeaters are available to use covering most of Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the Northern Province.  

Any number of channels can be rented very reasonably on any of these repeaters.   
The tariffs quoted below are applicable per radio, per month:

  • 1   Channel:    R   60.00 
  • 2   Channels:  R   85.00
  • 3+ Channels:  R 135.00

*Prices exclude programming and VAT. 

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