Basic point-to-Point borehole and tank radio based automation system

Intermediate monitoring and automation radio system

Cullinan Golf Estate Wama


Screenshots of the system interface and process graph

Advanced automation monitoring Scada radio control system


Some of our projects...

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Custom-built Telemetry Systems

We specialise in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of telemetry systems for the automation of pump stations and reservoirs.

Gate Control

Gate Intercoms ca be installed and signals send via radio links, thus, no wires needed. The gate can be communicated with and controlled remotely, sending, for example, an open command from a portable radio. Remote operation can function up to an 8 km range.

Pump Stations

We have extensive experience in the field of municipal water supply automation systems and are responsible for the maintenance of the telemetry systems of both the Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality and Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality, as well as the Sekhukhune District Municipality.


With telemetry, the levels of reservoirs are measured automatically and a pump is switched either on or off depending on the level of the reservoir. The range reachable between the pump and the reservoir can be a much as 30 km.

Wide Area Monitoring & Automation

  • Control and Monitoring of:
  • Tank/Reservoir Level
  • Generators
  • Pivot Systems
  • Boreholes
  • Flow Meters
  • Pressure Monitoring
  • Interface to Various Sensors:
  • Moisture Probe
  • Weather Station
  • Humidity Sensors
  • Mains Failure
  • Intruder Alert


  • No Monthly Costs
  • License Free Radio
  • Expand as Required
  • Simple User Interface
  • Easy Set Up Process
  • Data Logging and Review
  • Email Notification
  • Timer Facilities
  • User Programmable Automation
  • Internet Browser Interface
  • No Additional Software Required


  • Rural Range ± 15Km
  • Urban Range ±5Km
  • 8x Dry Contact Inputs
  • 8x Open Collector Outputs
  • 4x 4-20mA Analogue Inputs
  • 1x RS232 Port
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Receiver Sensitivity -146dBm
  • Internal Error Detection
  • Watchdog
  • Supply: 220V Mains/12Vdc
  • Solar Options Available